Embracing The Underdog

Embracing the Underdog – celebrating Chinese Year of the Dog
With The London Group and Friends, curated by Susan Haire
Supported by Geoff Leong Foundation
See list of exhibiting artist below

When the entire West End is pedestrianised for Chinese New Year this exhibition will be taking place right at the very centre of the celebrations for the Year of the Dog, in Chinatown. Over 120 artists will be showing sculptures, installations, site-specific interventions, videos and performances – a surprising diversity of works with contrasting scales and materials with many stretching creative experimentation to the limit.

Come and be amazed and explore the seriousness and playfulness and vast scope with which artists have Embraced the Underdog and celebrated the Year of the Dog. Hear a performance by a real singing dog at 4pm and think about questions like, are we treating the Earth as an underdog? And are we becoming the underdogs of machines? See dogs in all shapes and forms, painted, stencilled, filmed, made of sticks and marble dust and even nitrous oxide canisters. And there’s also a mini-exhibition of sculptures actually made by dogs and vote for your favourite!

People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best qualities even though sayings about dogs are often unflattering but Embracing the Underdog aspires to be supportive of the underdog in numerous ways. In this compelling, large-scale exhibition the artists will be coming together to exhibit with a real sense of solidarity and a belief in the enduring power of art in these confusing times.

Exhibiting Artists:
Giles Abbot: Melissa Alley: Matt Armstrong: Özgül Arslan: Jessica Bailey: Keith Ball: Nadia Ballan: Vanya Balogh: Rosalind Barker: Deborah Bee: James Bell: Sooz Belnavis: Alison Berry: Anita Bryan: Lucinda Burgess: Heather Burrell: Clive Burton LG: Cedric Christie: Christopher Clack & Gillian Cargill: Roger Clarke: Paul Coombes: Nina Coulson: Jude Cowan Montague: Phoenix-Blu Coyle: Jo Dye: Jane Eyton: Rebecca Feiner: Julian Firth: Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick: Mandee Gage: Cathy Gale: Toni Gallagher: Ray Gange: Alina Gavrielatos: Mikey Georgeson: Jill Gibson: Jason Gibilaro: Phillip Raymond Goodman: Caroline Gregory: Ann Grim’: Jane Grisewood: Gzillion Artist: Fiona Haines: Susan Haire PLG & Andrea Cavallari: Alexandra Harley: Doug Hayward: Katie Hayward: Aude Hérail Jäger LG: Martin Heron LG: Nicola Hicks: Alexander Hinks: Bob Hinks: Julius Hinks: Gonny van Hulst: Alice Irwin: Samantha Jarman LG: Vera Jefferson: Katya Kan: Vanja Karas: Miyuki Kasahara: Calum F Kerr: Will Kerr: Monica Kita: Kristina Kotov: Suzanne Bella Land: Bob Lawson: Cate Lis: Irene Lopéz Fernández: Susana Lopéz Fernández: Noel Grassy Macken: Julia Maddison: Lee Maelzer: Vicenzo Mascoli: Nerys Mathias: Fiona McAuliffe: Carali McCall: Joanna McCormick: Stacie McCormick: Jake Modern: Nicole Mollett: Morrissey & Hancock: Andrea Morucchio: Venetia Nevill: Valeriya N-Georg: Darren Nisbett LG: Norah Nona: Micheál O’Connell: Sarah Pager: Penelope Payne: John Plowman: Rosie Polet: Mandy Prowse: Eva Rabosco: Jim Racine: David Redfern LG: JL Reed: Thomas J Ridley: Meriliis Rinne: Teo Robinson: India Roper Evans: Jim Roseveare: Pascal Rousson: Julian Rowe: Joseph Sakoilsky: Paul Sakoilsky: Tom Scase LG: Rebecca Scott: Ashley Scott Fitzgerald: Tommy Seaward LG: Martin Sexton: Meg Shirayama: John Siger Baker: Chris Simpson: Gina Southgate: Sarah Sparkes: Aerial Sparks: Spizz Energi: Barbara Stanzl: Angela Carol Stocker: Susan Supercharged: Katie Surridge: Franny Swann: Mervyn Syna: Jonny Tanna: Almuth Tebbenhoff LG: Paul Tecklenberg LG: Robert Noah Tigg: Monika Tobel: Graham Tunnadine: Mario Varas Sanchez: Joshua Vaughan: Neil Weerdmeester LG: Tisna Westerhof LG: Stella Whalley & Toby Bricheno: Mark Wigan: Emma Witter: Jeanine Wollard; Mark Woods: Angela Wright: Carol Wyss: Toko Yamamoto: Blair Zaye: and a real singing dog

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